Urbin Report

Friday, May 23, 2003

Found on Mike Silverman's blog:

Model4, a poster on Little Green Footballs, says it best:

What amazing decades we've seen. Men on the Moon, ICBMS, cell phones and the Internet. The fall of the Evil Empire, Iran's shah, the rise and fall of Saddam Hussein. Proxy wars from Asia to the Middle East to Africa to the Americas. PoMo to PC to feminism to environmentalism to globalization to neo-conservatism. A cavalcade of American and Israeli leaders, from the left to the right, men of war, men of peace, men of both.

But the constant has always been Arafat and murder. From Egypt to Jordan to Tunisia to Lebanon to Ramallah. Given the chance, I'd drop him like a rabid dog. But I'd feel bad about the dog.