Urbin Report

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Far Left Wing Extremist & Clinton apologist Sydney Blumenthal's continues his his history of lies, lies and more lies in his book "The Clinton Wars."

For example:
Mr. Rogan, who now heads the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office says:
 "I have not read Sydney's book, but I did let him interview me several times."He apparently states in his book ... and repeated in a speech at the National Press Club that when I deposed him ? and here we are in the middle of the impeachment trial ? he says I walked up to him, shook is hand, and said something along the lines of we, meaning the House managers, we're on the wrong side of history in doing this.
    "I suspect somebody probably said that to him somewhere along the line, but it certainly wasn't me, and it defies common sense to think that here I am in the middle of the impeachment trial, surrounded by members of the Senate who were proctoring the examination, who were our jurors, with fellow House impeachment manager Lindsey Graham, and the House impeachment staff, and here I was representing an extremely marginal congressional seat, knowing it was probably going to cost me my re-election, that I would say such a thing.
    "I know memories are faulty, but when he interviewed me he never asked me or confronted me with that supposed statement. "I never said it. It's simply not correct."

This ray of truth was brought to you by the Washington Times.