Urbin Report

Monday, April 14, 2003

So much for the Left's value of Freedom of speech...
Take "CodePink," purportedly peaceful ladies.
"The peace movement has two mantras, one is 'War is not the answer,' and the other is, 'If you're in a peace march and there's an opposing view on the sidewalk, hit them,' " says Raoul Deming of Takoma Park.
CodePink, he explains, organized a protest around the White House, "and I was part of a dozen counterprotesters. We were assaulted by the CodePink marchers at least six times. Their violent anti-American antics also included the use of force to take our signs."
Gentleman that he is, Mr. Deming let the ladies have their way ? and his sign.
"Patriots are people who love, support and defend their country," he says. "As their slogans and actions confirm, the peaceniks are not patriots. They are simply citizens exercising a right won for them by patriots."

From today's Washington Times